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Run Milvus in Docker

This page illustrates how to launch a Milvus instance in Docker.


Install Milvus in Docker

Milvus provides an installation script to install it as a docker container. The script is available in the Milvus repository. To install Milvus in Docker, just run

# Download the installation script
$ curl -sfL -o

# Start the Docker container
$ bash start

If you encounter any issues pulling the image, contact us at with details about the problem, and we'll provide you with the necessary support.

After running the installation script:

  • A docker container named milvus has been started at port 19530.
  • An embed etcd is installed along with Milvus in the same container and serves at port 2379. Its configuration file is mapped to embedEtcd.yaml in the current folder.
  • To change the default Milvus configuration, add your settings to the user.yaml file in the current folder and then restart the service.
  • The Milvus data volume is mapped to volumes/milvus in the current folder.

You can stop and delete this container as follows

# Stop Milvus
$ bash stop

# Delete Milvus data
$ bash delete

What's next

Having installed Milvus in Docker, you can:


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